Hypomnema, from ancient Greek ὑπόμνημα (hypómnema), also spelled hupomnema, is an ancient literary genre. The term is composed of the prefix hypo- (under, down) and the noun -mneme (memory). It literally means “transcribed memory” translated in several ways in English including a reminder, a note, a commentary, an anecdotal record, a draft or a copy.
In ancient times the hypomnemata constituted a device of artificial memory of things read, heard, or thought, in form of a booklet or notebook. It was then offered as an accumulated treasure used for rereading and later meditation, but also as a personal guideline and life style.

In the series of pictures Hypomnema, that were inspired not only by the empiric world of the artist’s feelings, but also by current world events, the viewer can perceive the possibility of introspection and thus the possibility of a personal journey towards self-awareness.