Still life or still death?

If bees were to disappear from the face of the Earth, man would only have four years of life left (Albert Einstein). It doesn’t matter whether Einstein actually said this quote or not; what matters is that for years now the drama of the extinction of bees has been unfolding in almost total silence from the media, which too often underestimate environmental issues. According to the results of research carried out by numerous scholars and scientists, the number of bees is decreasing worryingly all over the world.
Still life or still death” is a wordplay aimed at raising public awareness of this phenomenon and promoting reflection on the topic through the tool of provocation.

In the works, a real “Still life”, i.e. a dead bee, is added and incorporated into a synthetic resin, to the classic subject of “Still Life”. In this way, just as in ancient cultures the dead were venerated and prepared for life in the afterlife, I immortalize the bee by giving it an artistic burial.
My intention is to draw attention to the extinction of bees and their fundamental importance for the balance of the ecosystem. I hope that my works can raise people’s awareness and encourage greater attention and protection for these vital insects for our survival.