“Hondy” is a critical wordplay that combines the original word “Handy” (German for mobile phone) and the South Tyrolean word “hon die” (I have you). This wordplay alludes to the ubiquitous use of mobile phones in our society. No matter where you look, you see people staring at their phones, often even in dangerous situations such as cycling, driving, or crossing the street.
The German psychiatrist Manfred Spitzer emphasizes that this technology can lead to psychological addiction in children, adolescents, and adults.

IThe consequences of such addiction can have unequivocally negative effects on society. The increasing use of mobile phones leads to a change in human behavior and interpersonal relationships. Constantly looking at one’s phone impairs attention span, leads to reduced social interaction, and can even cause health problems.
It is therefore important that we consciously deal with the use of mobile devices and not become completely dependent on them. A healthy balance between technology and interpersonal interaction is crucial for our well-being and that of our society.