Performance | Estrangement of the Ego

The term estrangement refers to all those interventions in art forms that aim to take them outside themselves, making them alienated from their own nature, thus creating a sense of alienation in the recipients.
Starting with the phrases “the more I abstract myself, the more I see” and “my body is your body”, i.e., the phrases that characterise part of the Foundation’s art collection in its various fundamental themes, Harald Plattner has developed his performance as a synthesis of the collection itself by placing it in the large room set up by the artist Rayyane Tabet, which will serve as a perfect backdrop. In this performance, the artist’s intention is to abstract himself by seeking an effect that takes him as far away as possible from ordinary functional movements and leads him to a new perception of his own body, which thus stands in dialectical relationship with the body of the other, overcoming the boundaries and barriers of obviousness and social conventionality.

In order to reinforce the effect of estrangement and dialectical relationship between the performer and the audience, the spectator will be invited to actively interact by providing a similar white shirt and lampshade to wear. The performance also induces one to link the concept of estrangement to the various psychic pathologies such as, for example, depression or the state of panic, which, in turn, have as a symptomatic consequence the same sense of estrangement and alienation, in which one no longer recognises oneself, even though one knows that one is oneself, perceiving, among other things, one’s own body in a more amplified manner.